What do we want to achieve ?

At SchoolCom, we are believers of the fact that good education makes a difference like no other to a child’s life. We are convinced that every child is special and has great potential, and it is up to us to identify this potential and nurture it.

While we have traditionally relied on the judgment of teachers and gurus to identify this potential, we feel that data and technology hold the key in making this process much more systematic and reliable.

The SchoolCom SmartTab

The SchoolCom SmartTab is a unique service offering based on a mobile tablet at its heart that was developed as a result of our years of research and prototyping on the Indian school education system.

The SmartTab makes data capture easier than writing on paper, works in areas with spotty or no internet connectivity, and provides beautiful analytics that help teachers, principals, parents and students to measure performance better and take decisions when they matter.

Highlights of our Journey