Decision Making
in Schools

by making data capture efficient
and data analysis sharp.

Helping students improve. Keeping parents informed.

Identify areas of improvement:

All aspects of a student’s performance can be captured to enable quick improvement.

Stay on top of your child’s performance:

Parents get real-time updates regarding their child’s learning, enabling quick decision making.

Effective Messaging Platform:

Schools can make important announcements such as holidays to all parents at the touch of a button.

Helping principals get an easy bird’s eye view
into the entire system.

Principal gets access to powerful dashboards which allow them to check things like attendance and test evaluation at the tap of a button.

Principal can also get a detailed drill down view into the performance of individual classes or students, helping them evaluate better.

Built-in messaging features provide the Principal with robust messaging facilities which allows them to broadcast messages to students, teachers or customized groups.

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Next Big thing

We are working on an exciting new platform where we are working with leading teachers and subject matter experts from across the world to create beautiful repositories and study material regarding various courses and subjects right from Mathematics to Music, which will allow single or community based users to just log in to the SchoolCom platform from any of their devices and redefine their learning experience.